Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine



SDB License & Arch

winner of the contest for the best houses and buildings built and

put into operation in 2007 in Ukraine in the category

“Education Premises” for high quality design work.



V. Kuibida

Today most developed countries have realized the main challenge of the new era: education is the priority area of social development in the twentieth century. To raise education creators of the XXI century technologies not only talented teachers and inquisitive active youth are needed, but also new educational platforms which will become “incubators of the future.” Such platforms should be properly designed as architectural environment contributes to achieving high education purposes.

One of the most successful examples is the Gymnasium of Modern Biotechnology, which is designed by License & Arch under the guidance of Oleg Sleptsov and was opened in Kyiv in 2005.

President of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences and Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

V. Kremen

Dear architects of License & Arch, with great appreciation I would like to mark you and your work, you are the creators who turned a dream into reality which we see now – the grand and cozy at the same time building of the church of the Apostles Peter and Paul.


Archpriest Peter (Landvytovych)

The scientific team headed by Oleg Sleptsov were the first company who turned into life industrial construction in our city Open Constructive System “Cascade”. In 1992-1993 draft experimental kindergarten for 280 children has been created and it incorporated all the major architectural and design know-how systems at that time. Universal three-story space became the central architectural and planning solution for kindergarten building. It was designed without internal support constructions using universal bearing structures of the system “Cascade” and multilevel lighting. Stair halls, swimming pool, game rooms and bedrooms on the second floor got the upper illumination.

Apart from that the experts of License & Arch develped and implemented experimental design “Cascade” at the enterprises of “Ternopilbud” that will be used in the future for building a broad range of public buildings.

These new buildings will enrich Ternopil with extraordinary architectural objects.

Ternopil Deputy Mayor

S. Avdonin

Since 2011 our monastery has been growing and transforming. Active construction of Holy Transfiguration temple complex project by SDB License & Arch is taking place and is headed by Oleg Sleptsov. Through dedicated work of architects our abode will receive not only the building of a new church, but also the lower church, which will be sancritified in the memory of Blessed Virgin Mary icon Joy and Assumption, the abbot’s building and the bell tower.

God save us all. Let God’s blessing come to you.

Prioress of St. Boris and Gleb Convent

Abbess Mary Magdalene (Kashkina)

In the picturesque suburb of Kyiv, not far from Zhytomyr highway, between the villages Buzova and Mykolaivka, at the beginning of the forest there’s a temple complex of Ukrainian Orthodox Church built in honor of the Holy Martyr Demetrius. Wooden complex consists of beautiful temple, gate with bell tower, Sunday school, refectory and gazebos. The beauty and harmony of this complex was achieved by enthusiasm and efforts of talented architects of License & Arch under the direction of Oleg Sleptsov. It is known that this is not the only building designed by this creative team, but the opinion of every person who has been here is that this project embodied the dream of every Christian – to find a beautiful, pleasant church. And answering the questions “Who designed this house?” of numerous parishioners: it is designed by the architect Oleg Sleptsov with his team License & Arch through the gift of inspiration and talent that they have received from God himself.

The abbot of the temple

Archpriest Bogdan (Tymoshenko)

After my appointment in March 1996 as a rector of the parish of Our Lady of Kazan in the area called Borschagivka, located in the outskirts of Kyiv, I got the ruins of a temple or better to say what remained of it after the attempt to turn it in sports complex “Olympia”.

Then it was hard to imagine that from the ruins a majestic temple will rise, which will be the architectural adornment of the district. The project was executed brilliantly, using the facilities that have been built before to the maximum. We almost did not demolished anything. And the result is a beautiful temple complex, which size in comparison with the former temple is three times bigger. The architects provided the lower house, housing for the families of priests, Sunday school, kitchen, sewing workshop and so on. I think the creative rise of Oleg Sleptsov team License & Arch began with this church. Let our Lord Jesus Christ bless all your good accomplishments, deeds and intentions.


Archpriest Valery (Semantso)

License & Arch are the authors of architectural planning and construction of the project documentation for the object “Reconstruction of the Ostrovsky park in Solomenskiy district in Kiev.

Customer: Solomenskyi district of Kiev State Administration. The work is performed in a short terms with a high level of creativity. Abandoned park was turned into the multifunction leisure area for both adults and children and a popular area of not only Solomenskiy district, but also among the Kievers and guests of the capital.

Acting Director DP MOU “CPI”

M. Baranowski

Scientific and Design Bureau License & Arch performed an architectural and constructional part of the object “Reconstruction with the extension of school № 177, Kurska Street,12 in Solomenskiy district in Kiev”. Customer – Solomenskyi district in Kiev City State Administration.

Work is performed at a high professional level in the short term, allowing to implement a new approach to creating an educational environment of the XXI century.

Acting Director DP MOU ” TSPI “

M. Baranowski

The building of the University “Ukraine” was a pioneer in Ukraine in introducing appropriate educational process for people with disabilities.

In 2001 university was given a former building of the sanatorium “Victory”.

Since then our fruitful cooperation with SDB License & Arch in creating a unique educational institution has began. Architects were issued with a challenge of not only forming a comfortable educational environment for people with disabilities, but also creating extraordinary architectural image. They brilliantly coped with this task.

For many years architects headed by outstanding creative person Oleg Sleptsov formed a complete image of perspective development of the educational space. In future there will be additional multi purpose educational buildings, sports, cultural and educational units, residential buildings.

I hope that with our common effort these promising ideas will soon be realized in life.

President of the University Ukraine”


Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Petro Talanchuk

I am tieded with Oleg with the fact that I live in the result of his work or better say that I am going to live there in the nearest future. He once said: “I’ll make up a home for you!”. And he created a unique project like no other you have seen before.

People’s Artist of Ukraine, composer

Alexander Zlotnik

Research work: “Guidelines for the design of experimental urban complexes, residential buildings with apartments of high comfort through the use of the existing industrial base” developed by License & Arch for the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine. The work is done on a high quality level and within the terms stipulated in the contract.

The research results make it possible to get the original spatial and space-planning decisions based on designs of system “Cascade”, License & Arch and improve the profitability of the existing industrial base production of reinforced concrete structures, and are recommended for use in design of low-rise residential development.

Deputy Director of the Department, Ministry of Regional Development Ukraine

M. Omelyanenko

I bless the construction of temples headed by the License & Arch. I wish you a successful performance of this sacred cause.

Archbishop of Constantinople – New Rome

and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople

In 2005 in Solomenskiy district of Kyiv on the street Kurska 12 was completed the renovation and construction of the specialized school № 177 with profound study of biotechnologies. The plan of reconstruction and construction of the school was developed in License & Arch under the direction of architect Oleg Sleptsov, who aimed to create a school which would not have analogues in Europe. School number 177 is a school of the future, the temple of science, a masterpiece of architectural thought. Architects managed to create a modern school which has its special and unique image.

Head of the School of Biotechnologies number 177

I. Stashevska

Restaurant Mansarda on Vyshgorodska Street is located in the old cozy green park and there’s a certain charm in it. From its large windows you can see a beautiful view of amazing trees and a small white church. It feels like the greens of the surrounding park moved to the interior of the main hall. The restaurant Mansarda is not just a recreational area, but also a world of pleasant emotions.

I want to thank License & Arch for creative approaches, high professionalism and quality of the design of the restaurant. As a result of our joint efforts we got a cozy mansion, which is comfortable for leisure for adults and children in a cozy, almost home atmosphere.


V. Parasyuk

Following the All-Ukrainian competition Housing 2014 housing and office complex Gloria Park won the nomination “Best Kyiv Business Class residential complex”.

Architects of License & Arch have offered a good space-planning decisions. General planning solution provides cozy yard space for the residents of the complex and built in commercial and office premises oriented toward the street. Under the entire area of ​​the courtyard there is parking. Office and commercial section is arranged with a separate entrance from the Prospekt Peremohy. This zoning provides a more comfortable living environment and the availability and attractiveness of trade and commercial premises.


Director of “Kyyivresursbud”

S. Zahoruy

The man himself doesn’t invent anything, he emplements God’s providence in life. It opens to him nature’s secrets that are not accessible for just anybody. Man of art gives the opportunity to all people to see the beauty of nature through song, through word, through art, through architecture.

These tasks successfully are solved by architects of License & Arch headed by Oleg Sleptsov. As creative people they are filled with inspiration and desire of what is not available to others.

Metropolitan of Cherkassy and Kanev,

Honorary member of the UAA

Sofronii (Dmitruk)